Aldrin Vasco

Dr Aldrin Vasco Vidal
RC Postdoctoral Fellowship
E-mail: av622@cam.ac.uk

I joined the GBernardes group in Cambridge in November 2021. My research comprises chemistry-driven approaches for the development of new immunomodulators for biomedical applications.

I obtained my Diploma and Master's degrees in chemistry at the University of Havana in 2013 and 2015, respectively. I then moved to the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) in Germany as a DAAD doctoral fellow and obtained my Ph.D. in 2020. At IPB I also completed a one-year postdoctoral stay. During this time, my research focus has been the development of new chemical approaches for the synthesis of modified peptides and peptidomimetics. I have developed several multicomponent-based cyclization approaches for the stabilization of regular and non-regular peptide secondary structures.

Areas of expertise:
Peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis, peptide cyclization, multicomponent reactions, and NMR-based three-dimensional structure determination of peptides