Dr Luís Carvalho
FCT Postdoctoral Researcher
E-mail: luis.carvalho@medicina.ulisboa.pt

I joined the GBernardes group at iMM, Lisbon in April 2020 to study serine hydrolase inhibition and induced degradation supported by activity-based protein profiling techniques. I completed my PhD in pharmaceutical and therapeutic chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon in February 2020, where I worked on the development of serine hydrolase targeting warheads for proteomics applications.

As part of my PhD project, I received training in proteomics and activity-based protein profiling in the Cravatt Lab in La Jola, US, funded by a Fulbright-sponsored grant in 2017–2018.

My current interests include the development of molecular tools and their application in complex biological settings and the modification of proteins for drug development.

Areas of expertise:
Organic synthesis, activity-based protein profiling and proteomics