Dr Maria Rebelo
FCT Postdoctoral Fellowship
In 2017, I was awarded my PhD in Microbiology and Parasitology by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lisbon. During my PhD I spent 6 months in Gabon where I validated a new drug assay I was developing for malaria. Later, I moved to Australia to carry out my first post-doc (2017–2020) in Dr McCarthy's group at QIMR – the world’s leading group of malaria volunteer infection studies – where phase I clinical trials are performed in malaria-infected volunteers to test new drugs and vaccines against malaria.
In May 2020, I joined the GBernardes group at iMM to investigate new therapeutic approaches for COVID-19. I am very driven by applied and translational research and I focus my research on the investigation and development of innovative tools to fight and control infectious diseases.
Areas of expertise:
Microbiology and infectious diseases, malaria, COVID-19, RNA degraders, drug development, phase I clinical trials and translational research