Mike Geeson
Dr Michael B. Geeson
EMBO Research Fellow
I joined the GBernardes lab in Cambridge in September 2020, working on the development of new reactions and reagents for site-selective protein modification. Now, as an EMBO Research Fellow, I use small molecules to probe and map post-transcriptional RNA modifications with a view to understanding how these modifications come to be, their abundance and precise positions, and which biological processes they control. 
Prior to joining the GBernardes group, I completed my PhD with Prof. Kit Cummins at MIT. I worked on sustainable organophosphorus chemistry, molecular transition metal complexes, and catalysis. 
Areas of expertise:
XXXX Molecular and cell biology, protein isolation and purification, spectroscopic techniques (EPR, UV-VIS, fluorescence and circular dichroism) and structural biology (X-ray) 


For citation analysis and h-index, check Michael's Google Scholar.

1. Protein−protein conjugates: Tyrosine delivers
Geeson MB; Bernardes GJL*
ACS Cent. Sci. 2020, 6, 1473−1475